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Safe Places Scheme

Safe Places is a scheme which helps vulnerable people deal with any incident that takes place while they are out and about.

Individual members of the scheme will carry an “I need help” card with the details of a trusted contact.

If they need help when they are out and about, they can go to any shop, business or other location that displays the Safe Place sticker on their window.

By showing their card to Safe Place staff, they will get help.

Safe Places in Avon and Somerset

Shops, services or businesses who agree to be a Safe Place put a logo sticker in their window so it can be easily seen.

A Safe Place can be anywhere:

  • Bus station
  • Shop
  • Cafe
  • Any other public space, for example, a library

For more information, please visit:


The Neighbourhood Policing Team for the Burnham & Highbridge Beat consists of: Sergeant Kellie Millier, Beat Managers: PC Adrian Jones, PC Ryan Dinham & PC Ian Bartlett, and PCSO’s: Yvette Mayo, Andy Dancy & Matt Hawker. To contact one of the Team please call 101 or visit the ‘Your Area’ section of the Avon and Somerset Constabulary website. 

Please find below dates for upcoming Beat Surgeries held at ASDA store entrance on a bi-weekly basis. The aim of which is to provide residents an opportunity to meet their local Neighbourhood Policing Team, talk to us about any issues or concerns and receive crime prevention advice.

Upcoming dates for Beat Surgeries at ASDA are: Mon 6th March 10-11am, Mon 20th March 6-7pm and Wed 5th April 10-11am.

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