Town Council Budget for 2018-19

Town Council Budget for 2018-19

Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Town Council has agreed their budget for 2018-19. This involves looking at our expenditure for the previous year and anticipating our outgoings for the year ahead. We also consider the income we’ve received this year and our anticipated income for next year. Our main sources of income are the Princess Theatre, cemeteries and allotments – but in all cases these also require expense from the Council to maintain these facilities.

Each Council Committee has scrutinised their own Committee budget and after careful consideration, councillors have now arrived at the final figure. The amount the Council requires to maintain local services next year is just over £600,000 and this means that the Town Council element of the Council Tax bill will rise slightly - by £4.43 per Band D property per year. This equates to 37p more per month per household.

Services run by the Town Council include providing the Princess Theatre community space, maintaining 3 cemeteries, statutory responses to planning applications, maintaining allotments and supporting youth projects.

The Town Council has also agreed to support the Number 67 Bus route from Burnham to Wells. This is an excellent collaborative venture between all the parishes along the route but we are making the largest contribution - £5,500 as we are the largest parish. We have also allocated £2,000 towards promoting tourism in the towns.

The grant pot which provides funding  to community groups remains as before with £45,000 being allocated to support local initiatives.

Sedgemoor District Council has been phasing out the Support Grant which they used to pass on to town and parish councils. This means that we will receive £20,819 less than last year. It has been very difficult to make adjustments to accommodate this serious deficit.


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