A week of work experience at the Town Council

Work Experience Weekly Diary- Kody Crosby, 2nd – 6th July 2018


  • Spoke to Tatiana about responsibilities of the Town Council, who does what, different levels of council (town/parish, district, county).
  • Showed around building by Lorna W.
  • Began organising TC press file.
  • Set up Council Chamber for evening Town Council Meeting with Lorna B.
  • Continued working on press file throughout the day.
  • Attended Town Council at 7pm (but arrived a little early in order to help set up more, put out jugs of water, handed out information).


  • Shredded paper.
  • Lorna B showed me how to add Town Council Meeting minutes to the website.
  • Continued with press file, made a photo collage as a cover page throughout day.
  • Alphabetized and made more labels for Sally.
  • Went to the Princess Theatre with Sally to do accounting.
  • Added to the Town Councils Twitter page.
  • Downloaded planning documents for Wednesday’s Planning Committee Meeting, Lorna W showed me how.


  • Finished organising the press file, put it into lever arch folder.
  • Began typing up Weekly Diary.
  • Copied and laminated posters to go up around Burnham and Highbridge.
  • Lorna B showed me how meeting minutes are recorded and then typed up.
  • Removed staples from old pamphlets and recycled them.
  • Lorna W showed me how to add new internments and memorials to the database.
  • Went through old burial record with Lorna W to work out location of section2/3 of Highbridge cemetery.
  • Began putting together BJBC regulation booklets.


  • Finished putting together BJBC booklets.
  • Put together attendance spreadsheet for all meetings for the year so far, and up until March 2019.
  • Went to the Princess Theatre with Lorna W and Andy Brewer, had a tour of the theatre.
  • Went with Tommy in to town to put up posters.
  • Put together agenda for Town Projects Committee.
  • Used Franking machines for letters (agendas for Town Projects Committee).


  • Looked for an Armillary Sphere online.
  • Copied and printed all the Civic Award Nominations, organised them into packs (Most of the day).
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