A Plastic Ocean - FREE Film Screening

A Plastic Ocean - FREE Film Screening

The Town Council has arranged the screening of a new film which is beautifully photographed and discusses the problem of plastics in our environment and what we can do to help.

The screening will be at 2pm on Saturday 13th October and will be free. The film is suitable for ages and everyone is invited.

In the centre of the Pacific Ocean researchers found more plastic than plankton. 'A Plastic Ocean' documents the latest science; proving how plastics, once they enter the oceans, are ingested by sea creatures and birds and their young, often fatally.  When plastics break up into small particulates they enter the food chain, where they attract toxins like a magnet. These toxins are stored in seafood’s fatty tissues and are eventually consumed by us.

This hard-hitting film, winner of 14 Film Festival awards, was filmed across 20 locations and uncovers the harrowing state of pollution in our ecosystems. It is visually arresting and has the potential to inspire and provoke real and lasting change locally and globally.

This film not only explores this impact but also inspires action. There will also be displays of plastic items and suggestions for alternative materials that could be used to replace them and Litter Free Somerset will be there with useful information. Come along and pick up some ideas!

The campaigners are also screening the film widely in other towns, cities and villages to raise awareness and inspire action in communities and schools.

The Town Council has signed up to be part of the Plastic Free Communities Campaign run by Surfers Against Sewage, and is working with members of the Plastic Free Partnership to help businesses, groups, organisations and schools to give up single use plastics and promote the use of more environmentally friendly materials. The Council is supporting Litter Free Somerset’s Business Award Scheme and is leading by example by working through an action list at both the Town Council offices in Jaycroft Road and at the Princess Theatre to improve practices.

The Town Council theme for this year is ‘Clean and Safe Beaches’ and the Mayor, Bill Hancock is keen to spread the word about the danger of plastics and the importance of the local rescue services: RNLI and BARB. Bill is encouraging everyone to get involved, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, a businessman, farmer, shopper, resident or visitor: I’d like to see all of us making the effort to help clean up our streets and coastline and preventing further pollution. A small change in our daily habits can make a big difference. Please think about the materials you’re buying – and businesses can consider the products they are supplying. There are regular beach cleans to take part in and people can do a quick 2 minute beach clean at any time. I really hope that local residents take the opportunity to come along to the free screening of A Plastic Ocean.”

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