Work Experience at the Town Council Offices by Joe Thompson

Work Experience at the Town Council Offices by Joe Thompson

My name is Joe Thompson and I am currently studying at the King Alfred School Sixth Form. My work experience was from Monday 15th to Friday 19th July. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the town council as I had to do such a vast range of tasks during my time and I learnt many new things about my local area.


On Monday morning, I was introduced to everyone In the office and was shown around the council building, it was very cool to see the old courtrooms and to imagine all the things that had gone on in the past in those rooms! I then had to type up my task sheet for the week and set up both of the courtrooms for meeting later on in the evening. After lunch I then had to download items for the Presentation in the meetings in the evening. I then got to go home earlier in the afternoon as I had to go back to help with the meetings. It was very interesting to be in the meeting and see how the decisions are made for our town.


On Tuesday morning I had to type in the attendance of each councillor of every meeting so far this year in an excel document. I then had to do some printing/photocopying to make some booklets for the Burial Committee. I also had a chat with Sam the town clerk about what I want to do in the future and what her job entailed.


On Wednesday I began making leaflets about cemetery regulations for each cemetery that the council runs, there were a lot of them to make so was stretched throughout the remainder of the week! Lorna then gave me the history of all the cemeteries that the council runs and showed me all the old burial record books and the maps of the cemeteries. After lunch I then was shown the financing by Sally, we imputed costs into a database which shows all the expenses the council has to keep it running. 


On Thursday I began typing up my work experience diary, after this I was toured around the Princess Theatre which I thought was very impressive as I had never been to before. I then went with Lorna Brewer to the Highbridge allotments to deal with some complaints from allotment owners. After lunch I went around the town centre to put up new poster in all the poster points. At the end of the day I also laminated some posters and managed to almost finish making the cemetery leaflets.


On Friday morning I managed to finally complete making all the leaflets for the cemeteries. I then visited the Highbridge cemetery with Lorna to see in person the different stages that the cemetery has gone through. I then also organised folders and got rid of old ones that weren’t needed anymore. After this I went to the Princess theatre with sally to bank money from the Princess Theatre to the post office. After lunch I finished typing up my work experience diary.


This was a very busy and interesting week which I greatly enjoyed. Lorna, sally, Lorna and Sam were very kind and made me feel very comfortable there and I am appreciative for them giving me the chance to work with them.

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