Burnham-on-Sea Economic Plan

The purpose of this document is two-fold: Firstly to fulfil the reporting requirements to Department for Communities and Local Government, capturing the relevant local economic information; secondly to provide an up-to-date and relevant Economic Plan for Burnham-on-Sea town centre. The plan will:

  • give direction to future decision-making;
  • identify a framework of opportunities for economic growth;
  • be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances;
  • propose a programme of deliverable projects.

It focuses on the key economic issues facing our area, sets out both the short term and longer term priorities for our Coastal Communities Team (CCT) that will enable economic growth in our local coastal area. 

The CCT has been created to oversee the development and implementation of the plan and once complete this will strengthen our case for attracting funding for future regeneration projects.

Burnham-on-Sea CCT Data




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