Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan – time to vote on September 20

If you live in Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge, we, alongside Burnham Without Parish Council, would like you to have your say next month on your community Neighbourhood Plan.

A referendum to decide whether the 2014-2032 Plan, which was drawn up by a group of residents, should be adopted as part of the planning policy for the area will be held on September 20.

By having our own Plan, we’ll be able to have some control over our two town centres and have our say on what new buildings and homes would look like. In addition, we would influence what infrastructure should be provided. Sedgemoor District Council would be obliged to use our Plan when determining future planning applications for our towns.If the majority of residents’ vote ‘yes’ to the Plan on September 20 it will help us to create together a wonderful environment to live, work and play in, that is fit for the 21st century and beyond.

However, if the majority vote ‘no’ in the referendum we will not be able to adopt the Plan and only Sedgemoor policies will apply, as they currently do now.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a community initiative and it covers three topics: Highbridge, Central Burnham and Housing.

Highbridge policies include:

  • Extend the designated shopping zone to include the southern end of Church Street.

  • Control redevelopment in the urban area.

  • Redevelop the land next to the railway line behind the Co-op to include employment.

  • Ensure the local community benefits from the new Isleport Business Park.

  • Protect Apex Park, Burnham Road playing fields and Southwell Gardens from inappropriate development.

  • Encourage new residential development to include toddlers’ play areas.

Central Burnham polices include:

  • Extend the shopping area northwards.

  • Set design standards for new or altered shop fronts.

  • Set criteria for redevelopment proposals.

  • Set out policies for any redevelopment that may occur at Pople’s Yard, Pier Street car park or the Learning Centre and Town Square in Princess Street.

  • Protect Marine Cove, Manor Gardens, Crosses Pen and South Esplanade Lawns from inappropriate development.

Housing policies include:

  • Set criteria for the design of the street scene and for designing out crime.

  • Make residential development safe from flood risk.

  • Give preference to pedestrians and cyclists over cars in new developments.

  • Encourage sustainable transport and provision for electric car charging points.

The Plan in full can be seen online via Neighbourhood plan. Copies can also be viewed at the Town Council offices, Burnham Library, Highbridge Library, Highbridge Community Hall, BiARS and the Community Centre in Berrow Road.

All those eligible to vote in the referendum will be sent voting cards and postal voters will have their ballot papers on September 6 or 7.

For more information about the Neighbourhood Plan, please call 01278 788088, visit Neighbourhood plan or log on to or follow us via @BOSHTownCouncil.


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